Learn in Public

Swyx discusses his Learn in Public concept, how he comes up with blog post ideas, and more
We've been trained to learn in private our entire lives. Today, we talk about why you should learn in public.

Quote 1:
"The schooling systems teach us to learn in private our entire lives. "Let's all study for this test". "Let's all try to do better than our peers". We train people to learn in private. The rules of the game for school prepare you very poorly for the rules of real life."

Quote 2:
"Make the thing you wish you had found, document what you did, and the problems that you solved. The third time you look up something, you can make a resource for yourself, and that's how you build a second brain."

Quote 3:
"Your ego protects present you at the expense of future you. Your ego wants perfection, so it stops you from shipping anything. Your ego wants to be adored, so you fear critics. Divorce your ego from your work. You can learn so much on the internet for the low, low price of your ego."
2020 Swyx and Randall