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Season 0 Retro: Thank You Listeners!

We're taking a short break to focus on solo projects! But first, a big thank you to all the listeners that sent in their feedback!

Get a Job As a Dev Advocate

Swyx discusses how you can become a dev advocate

Goals vs Processes: Why Your Goals Are Actually Wishes

Swyx and Randall talk about how you're setting wishes and not goals. Join us for our New Year focused episode!

When To Quit Your Job

Swyx and Randall discuss when it's time to leave your company and find a new job.

The ABC's of a CS Degree (ft. Philip Kiely)

Ever feel impostor syndrome because you don't have a CS degree? Philip Kiely joins Swyx and Randall to talk about 3 big misconceptions that people have about CS degrees!

Getting into Cloud (ft. Forrest Brazeal)

Guest interview with Forrest Brazeal, AWS Serverless Hero and creator of the Cloud Resume Challenge, one of the most passionate cloud advocates in the world.

Staff Engineering (ft. Will Larson, CTO of Calm)

What happens after you go past Senior? Will Larson, CTO of Calm, has been interviewing Staff-plus engineers across the industry for his new book, Staff Engineering.

Staying Consistent to Achieve Your Goals

Swyx and Randall talk about a highly requested topic from our listeners, consistency.

Big L Notation

Personal growth has an algorithm and we can consciously pick better ones. Swyx borrows the idea of Big O notation to discuss how not to let titles or expectations hold...

Mindset and Grit (ft. Will Johnson)

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Cold Emailing to Get a New Job

Swyx has a surprise topic asking Randall questions about her side hustle at Gumroad.

Picking a Coding Bootcamp

Randall discusses how to pick a coding bootcamp and avoid scams!

Learning Gears

Learn about Learning Gears in the latest podcast from Swyx this week!

Twitter for Developers

Why Twitter is helpful for Developers, and how you can start.

Learn in Public

Swyx discusses his Learn in Public concept, how he comes up with blog post ideas, and more

Breaking Down Problems

When faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem, break it down.

Create Luck

Being lucky is a skill you can develop. https://www.swyx.io/writing/create_luck/

Be Uncomfortable

Embrace the uncomfortable, in order to grow. https://sive.rs/uncomf

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