Learning Gears

Learn about Learning Gears in the latest podcast from Swyx this week!
Swyx discusses the four Learning Gears for people Learning in Public

- Explorers: indulge your curiosity without goals. Episodic notes to self, low public commitment.

- Settler: You don't know things that others already know. Run up the learning curve. Make Open Source Knowledge for others like you.

- Connector: You know what others don't. Teach to learn! Put yourself out there - Talks, blog, newsletters, videos, workshop. Regular nontrivial output. Easy to get paid to learn in public here.

When one teaches, two learn. - Robert Heinlein

- Miner: You've found something you're obsessed by that people think is important. Push the boundary of human knowledge and capability and the world conspires to help you succeed. You won't need to put yourself out there, they will come to you. Bet your career. Build infrastructure and community.

Learning Gears blog post by Swyx

Look at your peers and mentors - what gear are they in, and how are they learning in public consistent with their gear? How can you use that as an inspiration for what you do?

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