Season 0 Retro: Thank You Listeners!

We're taking a short break to focus on solo projects! But first, a big thank you to all the listeners that sent in their feedback!
We're taking a short break to focus on solo projects! Randall is launching soon and Swyx is launching his personal podcast.
  • General format
    • Sheldon Hull "I rarely listen to podcasts because of how much wasted time there is. I've been listening through all you and Randall do and it's super useful and interesting. absolutely incredible job. Cheers and thank you"
    • Michael Gee "I have gained a ton of value from your informative and concise podcast Career Chats so thank you & keep up the good work"
    • John Raptis "I really like this short format with links. I don't know if I'm able to squeeze yet another one hour long podcast in my day."
  • Episode 5: Twitter for Developers
    • Charlie You: "LOVED this episode, extremely helpful for me as a Twitter noob. Just bought the course Randall mentioned"
  • Episode 10: Big L Notation
    • Hassan El Mghari: "FWIW this is the only podcast I listen to regularly bc of the high signal to noise ratio. Almost every episode makes me stop and reflect on what I'm doing (love the action item at the end)"
  • Episode 12: Staff Engineer
    • Barry Kern "just stumbled on Staff Engineer episode and its 🔥 thank you🙌👏 picking up so much from this one."
  • Episode 15: Goals vs Processes 
    • Debra-Kaye Elliott "Great tips in this episode!" 
    • Godswill Umukoro "Awesome podcast on setting achievable goals"
      • "People over estimate how much they can get done in ONE YEAR, and under estimate how much they can get done in 12 WEEKS" - @RandallKanna
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Speaker Links

- Randall (@randallkanna):, The Standout Developer, The Standout Career
- Swyx (@swyx): Learn in Podcast, The Coding Career Handbook
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