Be Uncomfortable

Embrace the uncomfortable, in order to grow.
Embrace the uncomfortable, in order to grow.

How do you get the energy to force yourself to get through the uncomfortable?

- Does Homeschooling help you be more self directed?
- No Zero Days:
- The Resistance (from War of Art):
- The One Thing:

What's something good that has come out of you forcing yourself to be uncomfortable?

- Learning Babel -> Learning ASTs generically useful skill
- Babel Plugin Handbook
- "Welcome to the Suck"
- "The biggest growth is when you feel the most uncomfortable"
- Hands-On Smart Contract Development with Solidity and Ethereum:
- TruffleCon 2018: React + Truffle + IPFS:


What's just out of your comfort zone right now, and how can you make yourself get through it rather than avoid it?

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