When To Quit Your Job

Swyx and Randall discuss when it's time to leave your company and find a new job.
It's difficult knowing when it's time to leave a company. Sometimes we get 'stuck' and we don't want to leave. Interviewing isn't fun either!

1. When you get an offer you can’t refuse
 - My $200 million mistake

2. When you aren’t learning anymore/too comfortable

3. When you dread going to work (or watching the clock)

4. When you aren't aligned with company values/when there is no trust
- KeyValues.com
- (our episode on Ethics isn't published yet)
- The Speed of Trust

5. When there’s someone above you and you want to move up
- Charity Majors blogpost

In this episode, Swyx and Randall discuss the various reasons to keep in mind when debating leaving a company. Swyx and Randall also have an argument about how nice Swyx is!

Late career, if you have family, that might be different. Early career, you want to optimize for growth.

The right company will offer you career advancement and support.

A company will always try to keep you with what they've gotten you at. Switching jobs nearly guarantees a bump in compensation. If you stick around and hope for a promotion, it's a lot more difficult.

Future episodes to come:

- Tech Ethics (for real!)
- How to Leave *Well*


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